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who for over 30 years have been in the forefront of centralised lubrication equipment in the form of lubrication systems and ancillary products. Our extensive product range covers:


RJ Mellor & Co Ltd

In-house manufacture of open gear spray systems, absolute control of the amount of lubricant sprayed onto the gear train down to 1ccm.Total control of the atomisation of the grease or oil; an effective spray pattern from each of the spray heads will be functioning correctly or an alarm will immediately occur.

LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT manufactured by ASSALUB the premier Swedish company

RJ Mellor & Co Ltd

  • PUMPS pneumatic and electrically operated transfer for oil and grease
  • LUBERIGHT the accountable manual lubrication System
  • LUBEMON the latest technology for monitoring grease flow into the bearing of an existing or new centralised system
  • GREASE METERS ensuring the correct amount of lubricant is dispensed each and every time
  • MULTI-OUTLET oil and grease pumps

NEXOIL an internationally renowned lubrication company based in Italy. incorporating the Flenco Brand

Single Line Volumetric<, Single Line Progressive, Dual-Line, Multi-Outlet, Oil re-circulating


RJ Mellor & Co Ltd

Wire ropes are initially lubricated during manufacture to protect from corrosion and to reduce friction and wear during initial use. However the lubricant applied during manufacture does not last for the wire rope's entire life, as the lubricant used will be worked out of the rope or dry out.

To obtain the maximum life from wire ropes proper re-lubrication at regular intervals is necessary. Tests have shown that the lifetime of a pressure fed regularly re-lubricated wire rope is two to three times longer than that of a poorly manually maintained rope.


RJ Mellor & Co Ltd

  • The Hellan Strainer design provides solids' removal with minimal interruption of the fluid flow - eliminating downtime for solidsí removal.
  • Employees are not exposed to possible contaminants and /or hazardous materials during the cleaning cycle - no baskets to remove to clean or empty.
  • Minimal labour required for solidsí removal from fluid flow. Manually operated models require less than 30 seconds per cleaning cycle.
  • Automatically operated strainers require no labour and are controlled by timers or pressure transducers.
  • Depending on size and material can be 45% lighter than a conventional dual basket strainer and substantially smaller dimensionally.
  • Up to 12" can be installed in any plane in the pipe-line without the need for additional support

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